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EPFL Xplore is a student-led space robotics project from EPFL, part of the MAKE initiative in Switzerland. Our mission is to leverage project-based learning in the training of engineers at EPFL and to step into the highest level of development and achievement in the field of space robotics, by collaborating with research laboratories and the industry.As part of our project-based learning mission, we build rovers to participate in international competitions such as the annual European Rover Challenge. The team won the 3rd place overall at the on-site edition of the ERC 2021 and the 2nd place overall one year later at the ERC 2022. It also got awarded excellency awards for the navigation, science and probing & collection tasks.

EPFL Xplore core missions 

Project-based learning

Mars Society Competitions

European Competition

The ERC is a robotics and space event organized by the European Space Fondation and Mars Society Polska. It takes place once a year in September in Kielce, Poland. In 2019, it welcomed 56 Competing Teams from 16 countries and 6 continents.