About us

Bring passionate minds together in designing rovers.

EPFL Xplore is a student association from EPFL whose aim is to develop rovers to participate in Mars Society competitions in Poland and in the United States.

Xplore in a nutshell

The project is divided in 3 main branches : Communication, Engineering and Finance. Each of these main fields rely on the passion of involved students from various sections of the school. 

3 Rovers under construction 
70+ students working on the design
125’000 CHF
of annual budget

Mars Society Competitions

European Competition

The ERC is a robotics and space event organized by the European Space Fondation and Mars Society Polska. It takes place once a year in September in Kielce, Poland. In 2019, it welcomed 56 Competing Teams from 16 countries and 6 continents.

American Competition

The URC is a Robotics and Space oriented challenge organized by the Mars Society in their Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utha. This year, 36 Teams from 10 countries were qualified for the finals.