Meet the Team

EPFL Xplore team is made of students passionate about Space Sciences and Exploration. Coming from various sections of the school, its members interact with multidisciplinary sets of mind, therefore fostering ideas generation and open-mindedness.


Emile Hreich


Gloria Mellinand

Vice President & Project Manager

System Engineering

Roman Danylovych

Software Systems Engineer

Grégoire Lacroix

Mechanical Systems Engineer

Science Team

Mathieu Stawarz

Team Leader

Xavier Nal

Team Leader

Control Station Team

Evan Massonnet

Team Leader

Structure team

Alexia De Lestapis

Team Leader

Hippolyte Rauch

Mechanical Engineer

HAndling Device Team

Aly Rifaat

Team Leader


Thanh Vinh Vincent Nguyen

Team Leader

Yassine Bakkali

Team Leader

Xplore Rover challenge

Louis Flahaut

Chief Financial Officer