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System Engineering

The system engineering pole gathers all subsystems working on the design of the Rover. Together, they ensure that everything will work as a whole and will be ready on time. These subsystems are described below.


This pole is our connection with the EPFL campus as well as the outside world ! Share and promote our projects throughout our social media and website and organize events to show our realizations.

Finance and Sponsoring

As a finance responsible, you will ensure a good communication with our sponsors and look for new partnerships. Handle the association funds and expenses to help the rover grow !

6 Subsystems under System Engineering for one Rover !


It includes all the electric powered modules, thus ensuring the operation of the motors and the on-board electronic hardware such as cameras, sensors and control boards.

Desired sections:

Microengineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science


Designing a scientific experiment based on a Science Plan to analyse a soil composition. It also includes the design of the drilling mechanism and the automation of the sample handling.

Desired sections:

Life Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Microengineering

Control Station

The Control Station subsystem deals with all the hardware and the software linked with the Rover-Base communication, be it on the Rover or the control station.

Desired sections:

Communication systems, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Microengineering

Handling Device

Design a multi-degrees-of-freedom robotic arm to handle a control panel made of switches, buttons and a joystick. The arm will also be able to grasp and carry heavy objects.

Desired sections:

Robotics, Microengineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science


Design a reliable chassis to overcome all kinds of challenging terrain while ensuring that all the different modules from other subsystems can be correctly placed on the Rover.

Desired sections:

Microenginnering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Engineering