Semester and Master Projects

You will find here a list of current
semester/master projects.

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Current Projects

We are looking for students to help us develop and improve our technologies!

Position Tracking by Triangulation

Design a transmitter allowing to triangulate the position of the rover on the mars yard.

Laboratory: TBD

Mainly for: GM, MT

Status: Taken

Raman Spectrometer Improvement

Improve the current Raman spectrometer prototype by using a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) CCD lens.

Laboratory: LQNO

´╗┐Mainly for: GM, MT

Status: Available

Signal Tracking

Design a signal tracking system for unidirectional antenna (design +implementation).

Laboratory: TBD

´╗┐Mainly for: IC , MT, EL

Status: Unavailable

Systems Engineering Research

Perform the job of a system engineer (SE) on a space mission and develop Manufacturing, Integration, V&V and Testing plans for a rover project.  

Laboratory: eSpace

´╗┐Mainly for: Space Minor

Status: Taken

Rover Simulation

Implement the rover’s kinematic model on simulation to be allow the navigation team to test their algorithms separately on a reliable simulation.

Laboratory: TBD

´╗┐Mainly for: RO, GM

Status: Unavailable

Improved Kalman Filter

Design a kalman filter based on IMU, Lidar point cloud and wheels encoders.

Laboratory: TBD

´╗┐Mainly for: RO, GM

Status: Taken

Rover Surround View

Using the Novel View Synthesis method, the student will develop an algorithm to recreate the surroundings of the rover as a bird’s view. The student will then participate in its integration on the Control Station.

Laboratory: VITA

´╗┐Mainly for: RO, IC

Status: Taken

Custom Drivetrain for Rover Mobility

Design a custom made gearbox system allowing for reduction of mechanical cost while ensuring reliability and robustness of the transmission. 

Adding a rotational sensor in the drivetrain is can be considered if time allows.

Laboratory: TBD

´╗┐Mainly for: GM, RO

Status: Unavailable

Rover Composite Monocoque

Design a single-piece chassis for the rover to enhance rigidity while limiting its weight. Great communication skills are required to discuss subsystem integration within the chassis.

Laboratory: TBD

´╗┐Mainly for: GM, RO

Status: Unavailable

Rover Suspension Design

Design a 2-wheels suspension mechanism allowing the rover to easily navigate through uneven terrains.

Laboratory: TBD

´╗┐Mainly for: RO,  GM

Status: Available

Wheels Design

Research innovative materials allowing for an improvement of our rovers’ adhesion to sand while limiting their overall weight. The design of the wheels need to be conducted in parallel to static and dynamic finite element analysis to validate the design on simulation.

Laboratory: TBD

´╗┐Mainly for: GM

Status: Unavailable

Past Projects

Over the years, numerous students have participated in the development
of our rovers’ technologies as part of Semester and Master’s Projects.

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Raman Spectrometer Alignement

Navigation Object Detection

IOT Avionics

IP64 Structure

Agile Systems Engineering

Polar Rover Feasibility Analysis 

Raman Spectrometer Design

Stereo Camera Odometry

Blind Local Planner (Reinforcement Learning)

Lidar Odometry

Navigation Kalman Filter

Rover Curiosity Behavior (ML)

Improved Inverse Kinematics Arm Control

Moon Rover Concept

Power Supply Design


Environment Mapping

Path Planning

Life Detection Spectrometer

Object Recognition

Chassis Design